Saint-Germain has been imagined by many artists over the years. We present only a few of his "looks."

Hotel Transylvania
Miran Kim's 2001 cover

The Palace
Miran Kim's 2001 cover

Tempting Fate
Miran Kim's 2001 cover

The first edition of Tempting Fate with a jolly S-G

Better in the Dark
S-G's intense male model look

Blood Games
S-G seems to have shoulder pain

Another Blood Games
This 'do reminds us of Barbie's "bubble cut"
Path of the Eclipse
Even, wait, that's an eclipse. Looks a bit like Bunnicula.

Hotel Trans Revisited
Find the Count. We can't.
Another The Palace
She must have a green light imbedded in her navel.

Darker Jewels
S-G with a really big marble
Night Blooming
Is that Christian Bale?

Chronicles of Saint Germain
S-G an an elderly gentleman who seems to have forgotten what to do with a blonde.
Het Huis des Levens
1998 Dutch translation of Out of the House of Life. This one was so weird we thought it best to show the full cover.

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