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Saint-Germain by Publication Date
Saint-Germain, Olivia and Madelaine titles in Historical Order

Hotel Transylvania (Original Publication Date: 1978)

Paris, 1743

The Comte de Saint-Germain, cultivated, cultured, humane, an alchemist, musician, and world traveler, arrives at the Court of Louis XV with his manservant Roger, only to find that the captivating Madelaine de Montalia, who knows him for what he is and still loves him, has become the target of a coven of aristocratic Satanists, whom Saint-Germain is forced to confront alone in order to save her life and her sanity.

The Palace (1979)

Florence and Venice, 1490-1498

Drawn to Florence for its art and culture, Francesco Ragoczy, Conte da San Germano, becomes part of the artistic community around Laurenzo dei Medici. He soon realizes that Laurenzo is fatally ill, and is devastated by his death and the subsequent deterioration of Florentine life under the fanatical Dominican monk, Girolamo Savonarola. Forced to flee with the help of Ruggerio, his manservant, he returns a few years later to save the woman he loves, the intellectually gifted Demetrice, from being burnt at the stake.

Blood Games (1980)

Rome, 60-70 AD

As an alchemist and breeder of horses, Ragoczy Sanct' Germain Franciscus becomes part of the group around Nero through his friendship with Titus Petronius Niger. In that heady society, he meets Atta Olivia Clemens, the wife of a powerful Senator who has compelled her into debauchery for the sake of her impoverished but noble family. After the loss of three of his slaves, he takes in a desperately injured man - Rogerian - and restores him to life. In the Year of the Four Caesars (69AD) Sanct' Germain is accused of crimes against the state and sent to the Arena to die. With Olivia's help, he survives and is able to rescue her from her abusive husband.

Path of the Eclipse (1981)

China, Tibet, and India, 1211-1219

At the University of Lo-Yang, Shih Ghieh-Man has become suspect because he is a foreigner; he accepts a post at a remote fortress commanded by the female warlord, T'en Chih-Yu, and travels there with the faithful Rogerian. When the fortress is overrun by the army of Jenghiz Khan, Shih Ghieh-Man escapes through Tibet into India where he is caught up in the intrigues of Tamasrajasi, a regional princess who worships Kali, the goddess of destruction.

Tempting Fate (1982)

Russia, Europe, and England 1917-1928

Fleeing the chaos of Russia, Saint-Germain encounters an abandoned child with partial amnesia: Laisha becomes his ward. He and Roger take up residence at his Bavarian Schloss and with Laisha try to resume a normal life; he begins an affair with his neighbor, Gudrun, and attracts the animosity of her bigoted brother. In France, Madelaine de Montalia becomes involved with an American reporter, James Emmerson Tree, who is enthralled by her. When Laisha is killed by a group of Nazis, Saint-Germain takes vengeance upon them, then almost loses his life. Only Madelaine, with James' help, keeps him from the True Death.

The Saint-Germain Chronicles (1983)

six shorter works:

A Question of Patronage

In the mid 1800s, Saint-Germain visits London, and with the help of a young accounting clerk, John Henry Broddrib, uncovers a scheme that has bilked Saint-Germain of a small fortune: in thanks, he becomes John Henry's patron, enabling him to become Henry Irving, knighted actor and Bram Stoker's boss.

The Spider Glass

At Copsehowe, an Edwardian country house, the guests are told the story of the family heirloom - the Spider Glass: a mirror with a strange history - while Saint-Germain, who made the glass and gave it to the Earl's ancestor, as the current owner's guest, mentally compares the legend to the reality.


In the middle of World War II, Saint-Germain and Roger are at Madelaine de Montalia's Provence estate where he is visited by James Emmerson Tree, in Europe to cover the war; he also offers protection to an Austrian refugee who may or may not be a spy. James has been killed and doesn't know it, and must learn quickly to adjust to being a vampire, even though he doesn't believe in them.

Art Songs

Attending a concert in Rome with an American woman, Saint-Germain encounters Madelaine de Montalia.

Seat Partner

On a transatlantic flight, a young American tourist finds herself in first class next to Saint-Germain, and upon landing, is invited to have dinner with him.

Cabin 33

At a Rocky Mountain resort, supposedly owned by a Mr. Rogers, Lost Saints Lodge, Saint-Germain works as a wrangler and provides music in the bar at night. A young woman, the victim of a cult, is there with her family, and falls under the spell of Milan Lorpicar, a very messy young vampire whom Saint-Germain is finally forced to deal with.

Darker Jewels (1993)

Russia, 1581-1586

Sent by Istvan Bathory, the Transylvanian king of Poland to the Court of Czar Ivan Grosny, Saint-Germain, accompanied by Roger, is ordered to marry Xenya, a badly abused Russian noblewoman. Upon Ivan's death Saint-Germain is caught up in the bloody scramble for power, and is finally taken prisoner. His harrowing escape ends with the death of his wife.

Better in the Dark (1993)

Saxony, 10th century

Washed ashore on the desolate coast of Saxony, Ragoczy is saved and taken in by Ranegonda, the local Gerefa, serving in her brother's place. The region is half-Christian and half-pagan and the life is harsh. Holding Ragoczy for ransom, Ranegonda falls in love with him, depending on him to help her when no one else will; in the meantime, Hrotiger searches for Ragoczy. Troubled by the mischief of Pentacoste, Ranegonda's sister-in-law, Ranegonda is ill-prepared to protect her fortress when it is attacked, and even with Ragoczy's help, does not survive the battle.

Mansions of Darkness (1996)

Latin America, 1640-1649

Arriving in the Viceroyalty of Peru, San Germanno makes himself useful as a healer; at the request of the Presidencia he escorts Acanna Tupac, one of the last surviving Incan aristocrats, with whom he becomes involved. His failure to prevent her suicide sends him traveling north to Mexico where with the help of the blind linguist Oaxatli, he ends up in the hands of Dona Azul, the head of a group of Aztecs with their own brand of Christianity. They crucify San Germanno, who is finally rescued by Rogerian.

Writ in Blood (1997)

Russia, Europe, and England, 1908-1912

Fearing an outbreak of war, Czar Nicolai sends Ragoczy and his manservant to England and Germany on a personal mission to his relatives (Edward, Wilhelm) to try to arrange an arms control treaty. While in England, Ragoczy meets Rowena Pearce-Manning, an artist who signs her work Saxon, and becomes fascinated by her. Neither Edward nor Wilhelm are inclined to help Nicolai, and in Germany, where Ragoczy sponsors a ballet company, he comes to the attention of von Wolgast, an arms-maker with a great deal invested in war. An attempt on Ragoczy's life leaves him unable to carry out the Czar's mission, and during his recovery he spends time with Rowena in Amsterdam, much to the disgust of her self-proclaimed suitor, Rupert. Finally Rowena is kidnaped by von Wolgast's henchmen, and Rupert is forced to go to Ragoczy for help. Ragoczy is able to save Rowena, earning the loathing of von Wolgast, who makes one last attempt to kill Ragoczy, which fails badly. All this is observed by Sidney Reilly, the enigmatic master spy

Blood Roses (1998)

Europe, 1345-1350

Francois de Saint-Germain, Sieur Ragoczy is living in Orgon near Avignon, making wine and dealing with traders, including Hue d'Ormonde and his precocious daughter Jenfra; Rogres runs his household. With the first sign of Black Plague, Jenfra is sent north, and soon most of the countryside is in upheaval as the epidemic gets worse. Saint-Germain sends Rogres to Olivia in Trieste and goes north himself, changing his identity to Germain le-Comte, a troubador; he finally finds safety as the tutor of the son of Heugenet, Ducesse de Vervier, whose lover he becomes until his presence is too compromising, when a dying Jenfra identifies him as an unnatural creature.

Communion Blood (1999)

Rome, 1688-1691

Summoned to Rome by Niklos Aulirios, Olivia's manservant, to help preserve her estate, Saint-Germain becomes Niklos' advocate, setting up household in his old Roman villa, Rogerio in charge of its restoration. He also sponsors an opera by Domenico Scarlatti, written for his love, Giorgianna, a famous soprano. Papal politics enter into the court case, and soon Saint-Germain has come to the attention to the family of Cardinal Calaveria y Vacamonte, whose sister Leocadia runs away from a proposed marriage, taking shelter with Saint-Germain and dragging him more deeply into the skullduggery surrounding Niklos' case. The Roman Inquisition gets involved, making Saint-Germain's situation truly precarious.

Come Twilight (2000)

Spain, 7th, 8th, and 12th centuries

Over a period of almost six centuries Saint-Germain and Roger revisit Spain and the village where Csimenae lives; during their first stay in the village, Saint-Germain makes her a vampire to save her life, and during his return visits, he finds out how wrong she got it, as she creates a tribe of undead and becomes an object of terrified worship.

A Feast in Exile (2001)

India, 1399-1404

Living in Delhi, Sanat Ji Mani is an alchemist and healer, generally tolerated by the Muslim rulers. When Timur-i Lenkh overruns the city, Sanat Ji Mani sends Rogerio and his lover Avasa Dani to safety in Egypt, then is taken captive by Timur-i. He is able to escape with Tulsi Kil, an acrobat, and end up at the court of an ambitious Rajput who is convinced that Sanat Ji Mani is Timur-i and will lead him to victory: Sanat Ji Mani has to fake his own death to get out of this.

Night Blooming (2002)

Europe 796-801

Summoned to the Court of Karl-lo-Magne, Saint-Germain is given a mistress who leaves him for the King. Soon Saint-Germain is given the task of escorting the albino stigmatic, Gynethe Mehaut, to Rome, during which time they become lovers. In Rome, Olivia takes Gynethe Mehaut under her wing, but neither she nor Saint-Germain can save her once an ambitious Bishop goes to work on her, ordering her to become an anchorite. Following Karl-lo-Magne's coronation on Christmas day, 800, Saint-Germain soon has to leave Franksland.

Midnight Harvest (2003)

Europe and America, 1935-1939

Worsening military situations in Spain compel Saint-Germain to leave Europe; he and Roger travel to Boston, then Chicago, and finally to California, unaware that a paid assassin is following them. Saint-Germain visits the Pietragnelli winery and discovers how much the Great Depression has affected life in the USA; difficulties with Pietragnelli's neighbors escalate, becoming more violent and demanding to the point that Saint-Germain helps Carlo Pietragnelli take a stand against the culprits. He also reunites romantically with Rowena Saxon, now living in San Francisco.

Dark of the Sun (2004)

Asia and Eastern Europe, 535-537 AD

The catastrophic eruption of Krakatoa in February of 535 begins an environmental break-down that drives the European merchant Zangi-Ragozh from Yang-Chau in China, across the Asian deserts to Sarai on the Caspian Sea where he is nearly beheaded as a shamanistic offering to pagan gods. In Rojeh's care, he - now known as Ragoczy Franciscus - travels to his homeland of Transylvania, while around him the chaos of famine, dislocation, and disorder from the disaster brings constant danger to him and to every living creature on earth.

States of Grace (2005)

Venice and the Lowlands, 1530-1532

The distinguished foreigner, il Conte di Santo-Germano, living in Venice where he is a successful merchant and publisher, and lover of a talented woman composer, is called to the Lowlands, where his other presses have come under the scrutiny of the Spanish - who at the time controlled most of the Low Countries - for his publishing ventures, while in Venice, an unscrupulous accountant undertakes to raid di Santo-Germano's wealth and ruin his reputation so that he cannot call the man to answer for his crimes.

Roman Dusk (2006)

Rome, 218-220 AD

While living in Roma and enjoying the company of the famed courtesan Melidulci, Ragoczy Germainus Sanct' Franciscus seeks to help Pax Ignatia Laelius, a twenty-four-year-old upper-class Roman woman who is caring for her invalid mother. With the arrival of Heliogabalus in Roma, the decadence and political chaos hits a new high - or low - and many are caught up in the resulting upheaval. Sanct' Franciscus, suspected of aiding Roma's enemies, and targeted by militant Christian youths, is nearly burned alive before he is able to remove his friends and associates from harm.

Borne in Blood (2007)

Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Austria, 1817-1823 AD

Rebuilding after the chaos of Napoleon, Saint-Germain Ragoczy, Comte Franciscus, devotes his time to commerce and farming, as well as publishing in Amsterdam, all the while protecting Hero von Scharffensee, a young widow of one of Napoleon's scientists. After taking on the work of Wallache von Ravensberg for publication, Ragoczy becomes the subject of the obsessive attentions of von Ravensberg's niece and ward, Hyacinthie; her fixation drives her to desperate acts that endanger Ragoczy and all those close to him.

Saint-Germain: Memoirs (2008)

five short stories:


In the Athens of Plato and Aristotle, Saint-Germain comes to the aid of a desperate woman.

Lost Epiphany

Taken captive by pirates in the 6th century AD, Ragoczy has to find a way to survive without revealing his true nature.

Tales out of School

In Padova in the early 14th century, Ragoczy divides his time between teaching medical alchemy to a few select students, and caring for Orazia, a widow suffering from a debilitating malady.


In 17th century Latin America, Rogerian's epistolatory attempts to get San-Germano out of the hands of the Church demands long efforts to locate and free him.

A Gentleman of the Old School

While establishing a center to research diseases of the blood, Saint-Germain assists a young reporter in capturing a serial killer

A Dangerous Climate (2008)

Saint-Petersburg, 1704-05

Sent to Russia to observe the building of Sankt Piterburkh (it was named in Dutch) by Augustus II of Poland, Rakoczy is undercover as Arpad Arco-Tolvay, Hercegek Gyor. Shortly after his arrival, he is assaulted, endangering Arco-Tolvay's wife Zozia as well as himself. Subsequent attacks become more ominous, but worse occurs when a man arrives in Sankt Piterburkh claiming to be le Comte de Saint-Germain, and Rakoczy has to find a way to expose the imposture without compromising his own deception.

Burning Shadows (2009)

Carpathian Mountains, 438-440

As regional guardian in the town of Apulum Inferior, Dom Feranescus Rakoczy Sanctu-Germainios attempts to spare the people of his region from the Hunnic invasions while dealing with the on-going problems of the former Roman province. Forced to abandon the town, many inhabitants of the former province of Dacia retreat to the monastery of Sanctu-Eustachios the Hermit which they turn into a wooden fortress. Aided by Nicoris, he serves as the physician for the group, and finally contrives a way to get most of the refugees and monks to safety.

An Embarrassment of Riches (2011)

Bohemia 1278-1281

Exiled from Transylvania by Bela of Hungary to the Court of his granddaughter, Kunigunde of Halicz, Konige of Bohemia, Rakoczy Ferancsi is given the task of providing jewels for Kunigunde and any of her Court enjoying her favor. Four women are attracted to him, one of whom tries everything from seduction to blackmail to gain his affection. As Courtly shenanigans increase, Rakoczy is increasingly drawn into the perfidy around him, and is faced with having to decide if he should remain in Praha for the extent of his exile and thereby save his fief in Transylvania, or does he leave and take the chance of Konig Otakar II ordering him caught and executed.

Commedia della Morte (2012)

France and northern Italy 1792

When Madelaine de Montalia is taken prisoner by the Revolutionary Guards at her estate in Province she dispatches her lover to Padova to ask Saint-Germain to come rescue her from the Guillotine. Saint-Germain, who has been patron to a troupe of French actors led by the classically trained Photine d'Auville, and arranges with her to accompany the troupe into France as a Commedia del'Arte company. By the time the troupe, calling itself Commedia della Morte reaches Lyon and the prison where Madelaine is being held, sentiments and loyalties among the troupe are in turmoil, culminating in the youngest member attacking Saint-Germain and increasing the difficulties imposed on their rescue efforts.

Night Pilgrims (2013)

Egypt, Nubia, and the Ethiopian borderland 1225-8

Hired as a translator by Sieur Horembaud, an Anglo-French knight leading a party of pilgrims from France and Italy to the Christian shrines and chapels in the Ethiopian Highlands,

Sidi Sandjer'min and his servant Ruthier prove useful additions to the pilgrims. Although under constant scrutiny for not being Christian, Sandjer'min helps Sieur Horembaud to choose the safest way to travel southward. Sandjer'min proves his worth as a physician attending to the fatally sunburned Torquil, and the emotionally fragile Sorer Imogen, who is accompanying her brother's wife to seek a miracle for his recovery from a severe head injury. Because they are traveling in summer the pilgrims rest by day and journey by night, which complicates their venture as much or more than pilgrims forsaking their vows and becoming Muslim, or turning back when the going gets rough, or becoming caught up in desires that cannot be acted upon, let alone admitted.

Sustenance (2014)

Europe and America 1949-1953

Ragoczy Ferenz, Grof Szent-Germain is busy in Europe, getting his publishing and shipping businesses working again when he encounters an American professor from Tulane who has fled the US under a cloud of paranoid suspicion that she is a Communist sympathizer. Through Charis Treat, Szent-Germain meets a group of American academics living away from home, all with similar stigmas attached to their teaching; they call themselves the Ex-Pats' Coven becuase they are the victims of a witch hunt. In America, a CIA bureaucrat, eager for advancement, has come up with a story that will gain him a promotion, one that involves the Ex-Pats' Coven, and Szent-Germain, who has gladly taken manuscripts from Coven members for publication through Eclipse Press, and is suspected of bring a Russian agent. Szent-Germain's relationship with Charis becomes complex, and turns dangerous as the plot of the CIA bureaucrat creates more danger for everyone in the Coven, and Charis Treat is in the most danger of all.

Tangential titles follow

Madelaine de Montalia titles:

Out of the House of Life (1990)

Egypt 1500-800 BC and 1823-1826 AD

In memoires and memories, Saint-Germain recounts to Madelaine de Montalia, on a dig in Luxor, his experiences there for 800 years. Madelaine becomes involved with a German physician and a rather sweet young Englishman while she works to unearth the past that so fascinates her.

In the Face of Death (2001)

Europe and America 1847-1893

Madelaine de Montalia's long-term, on-and-off again affaire with William Tecumseh Sherman, beginning in San Francisco, including a portion of the Civil War and its aftermath, and ending in Europe and the Middle East.

Atta Olivia Clemens titles:

A Flame in Byzantium (1987)

Olivia in Byzantium during the reign of Justinian

Crusader's Torch (1988)

Olivia attempts to leave Tyre at the start of the 3rd Crusade

A Candle for d'Artagnan (1989)

As an aide to Cardinal Mazarin in Paris, Olivia becomes the love of Charles d'Artagnan

Saint-Germain, Olivia and Madelaine titles in Historical Order

Out of the House of Life (Madelaine)*
Blood Games
Roman Dusk
Burning Shadows
Dark of the Sun
A Flame in Byzantium (Olivia)
Come Twilight
Night Blooming
Better in the Dark
Crusader's Torch (Olivia)
Path of the Eclipse
Night Pilgrims
An Embarrassment of Riches
Blood Roses
A Feast in Exile
The Palace
States of Grace
Darker Jewels
A Candle for d'Artagnan (Olivia)
Mansions of Darkness
Communion Blood
A Dangerous Climate
Hotel Transylvania
Commedia della Morte
Borne in Blood
In the Face of Death (Madelaine)
Writ in Blood
Tempting Fate
Midnight Harvest

* Note: The Saint-Germain Chronicles and Saint-Germain: Memoirs can be read at any time; the stories are set in different periods. Readers may decide to read Out of the House of Life after Borne in Blood but before In the Face of Death.

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